Genesee Chapter NSDAR

Flint, Michigan

Welcome to our Website!
The Genesee Chapter proudly serves the Flint and surrounding communities in Genesee
County, MI.  Considered to be the oldest continually inhabited part of Michigan, this area
was home to several Ojibwa tribes at the top of the 19thcentury.  The word “Ojibwa”
comes from the Algonquian word meaning “puckered” probably because of the tribe’s
puckered moccasin style. The Ojibwa people call themselves “Anishinabe” in their
own language, which means “original person”.
The Daughters of the American Revolution was founded on October 11, 1890 which is
the anniversary of the day Christopher Columbus sighted land in the Americas. On
June 3, 1897 our chapter was organized with Harriet P. Thompson as regent and with
eighteen organizing members. This year we are celebrating 121 years of rich heritage
and service.
We currently have over 100 members who enjoy sharing the benefits of DAR membership,
recognizing that we have a responsibility to ensure that the freedoms won by our ancestors
are appreciated by Americans of today and tomorrow. Our chapter has proudly volunteered
and promoted Patriotism, Education & Historic Preservation in Central Michigan since 1897.
We extend a welcome to all  women over the age of 18. Our monthly
meetings take place at various locations in Genesee County from March to December.

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